Buying Guide For baby Monitors

At Baby Monitors Direct we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of our products and the quality of them. Below is a guide of all of our baby monitors for both before and after the birth. Furthermore, we have monitors for twins, two way communication monitors, online monitors, travel monitors, video monitors and many more!


Are you looking for a Digital Video Baby Monitor?

We understand if you feel like just listening out for you baby or new-born is not enough and preferably you would like to see your baby to ensure that it’s safe. Here at Baby Monitors Direct we have a fantastic range of high quality Digital Video Baby Monitors. In addition as they are becoming more popular due to the current technology is advancing, Video Digital Monitors are now less prone to interference and in fact almost all now guarantee zero interference, also the signals are now much stronger, resulting in clearer images of the parents units.




Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor  


The Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Camera Baby Monitor is highly popular and it has two fantastic cameras’ which makes life a lot easier as they can be placed around the house. The Motorola also has a large 3.5” LCD colour screen with a frame speed of 25 FPS which means the picture looks incredibly smooth! Also equipped with a high sensitivity microphone, infra-red night vision, adjustable camera and much more the Motorola is truly a great monitor to have if you have more than one child.

Customer Review  Posted by Nilesh on 3rd Apr 2013

We use this to keep an eye on our multiple children at the same time. It switches every few seconds which is more than adequate. Sound and picture quality of the monitor are really good too.




Luvion Platinum Digital Video Baby Monitor


The Luvion Platinum 2.0 Video Baby Monitor again has a fantastic 2 way communication, room temperature display, 3 lullabies, and a 2.4” LCD digital colour monitor screen. 

Customer Review 5 Stars Posted by Irene on 27th Feb 2012

Had never heard of the Luvion platinum 2.0 before looking on babymonitors direct, but comparing the product info to other brands the Luvion looked good. When it arrived I wasn't dissapointed with the monitor, performs exactly as it should, very clear night vision and great sound. would recommend.



Samsung EzView Digtial Video Baby Monitor

Samsung EzView Digital Video Baby monitor. The EzView is a simple to use baby monitor with a fantastic 2.4” clear colour screen. The video camera is also capable of night vision and also had a recording function which can be saved onto a SD card and played back on another device. This is a great little addition to the camera which allows you to cherish those special moment with your baby. It also display’s room temperature and has two way communication so you can ensure that your baby is as comfortable as can be. 

Customer Review 5 StarsPosted by Charlotte on 17th Apr 2013


Good product - very easy to set up and use.
I use the monitor daily for my 2 month old baby. good value too compared to other websites.




Samsung SEW3037 Safeview Video Baby Monitor



The Samsung SEW3037 is a stunning Digital Video monitor that is jam packed with fantastic new features. The monitor has a large 3.5” crisp LCD colour screen, two way talk communication, a brilliant range and battery life in addition to remote controlled night vision. The camera has a great pan and tilt capability along with its 2x optical zoom. 

Customer Review 4 stars Posted by Agne on 19th Feb 2013

Easy use baby monitor.

Are you looking for a two-way communication baby monitor? 

Here at Baby Monitors Direct we have a fantastic range of audio, two way communication monitors that are simple to operate. Furthermore, most of our audio baby monitors have additional features to them.


Luvion Grand Elite 3.5" Digital Video Baby Monitor



The Luvion Grand Recordable Digital Video Baby monitor is a fantastic high quality product which has a large 3.5” LCD colour display that has an exceptional picture resolution. The Luvion also great additional features such as a night light, a crystal clear microphone, night vision, a fantastic  built in microphone and speaker as well as much more!

best of the best 5 Stars  Posted by gordon on 6th Jun 2012

We bought this to replace another type and are delighted with its performance. Excellent picture and sound quality that surpasses its rivals. A tad more cost but miles better performance.
If you live in an area where there is a high chance your neighbours and yourself all have wireless broadband and other devices this is ideal as this can overcome the cluttered signals.
We spent over £100 on a tomy monitor of similar type and it was useless, poor signal, strange squelching sound intermittently. Pinned this issue down to interference.
My wife suffered with post natal and this helped her relax no end. Well worth the money to keep both your treasures happy.
***** five star product *****



BT 200 High Definition Audio Baby Monitor


The BT 200 Audio Baby Monitor has exceptional HD audio which allows you to pick up every noise that your baby makes. It has a wireless range of up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, allowing you to move around freely with no disruption. 

BT can do baby monitors! 5 Stars Posted by Sarah on 3rd Apr 2011

I was given this by a friend as a present. I hadn't been very impressed by BT in the past as they messed up my phone line, but it seems they do know how to get the baby monitors right. I have to give BT credit where its due, this is very easy to use and all the features you need.




Do you need a travel baby monitor?

At Baby Monitors Direct we understand that travelling with a new-born or baby can be a stressful experience, especially when you are unable to pay your full attention to your child. However, we have a number of monitors that are ideally suited for travelling purposes. Travel Monitors need to be lightweight, easy to pack and quick and simple to use.


Philips Advent SCD505 Super Sensitive Audio Baby Monitor

Philips Avent SCD505 Audio Baby Monitor sounds crystal clear and is fully capable of picking up even the smallest of sounds. The Philips Advent has great features such as a nightlight and lullabies which allow the baby to calmly drift off to sleep. The portable monitor also has a fantastic two way communication system and the parent unit is supplied with rechargeable batteries which are included, furthermore the baby unit will also run on 4x AA batteries (not supplied) and they both also run of mains power.

Customer Review 5 Stars Posted by Charlotte on 1st May 2012

Good quality sound (very little hiss) and copes with thick walls without losing contact. You do have to listen up close to the parent unit if you want to hear breathing, but for any noises louder than that the sound is good. The next model up (which we've had for 2 years for our first child with no complaints) allows you to monitor the room temperature, but other than that the quality of this cheaper model seems to be just as good.



Do you want to monitor your baby online?

Technology is vastly becoming a part of everyday day life and here at Baby Monitors Direct we have a fantastic range of online and wireless monitors. Parents now have the option to monitor their baby via the computer, tablet, smart phone, iPhone etc… Also, monitoring your baby in this way has many advantages, not least being able to record your baby or see larger images.


Motorola Blink Digital Video Baby Monitor


The Motorola Blink Wi-Fi Digital Video Monitor if a fantastic device which allows you to watch your baby sleeping from your laptop, tablet or phone, wherever you are in the world. The Motorola Blink is perfect for parents who travel for work and are not able to make it home in the evening or even for family members who may not live in the country.






Samsung Smart Home Camera Baby Monitor




The Samsung Smart Home Camera has a wonderful sleek design gives you an easy solution for home monitoring and video communication.  The Samsung can be accessed via your Laptop, Tablet, PC and phone. It also has 2 way communication and brilliant motion and sound detection. The smart home camera also has clear crisp night vision along with a digital zoom.




Do you have a new-born baby?

We understand here at Baby Monitors Direct that having a new-born is both rewarding, stressful and tiring and the importance of your baby’s sleep safety is second to none. That’s why you can rely on our high quality range of breathing, respiratory and movement baby monitors to help keep your mind at ease. Our range of baby monitors is sure to meet both your circumstantial needs and budget.

Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor


The Nanny Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor is designed for use in a cot of the new-born. The Nanny Baby has the largest pad on the market and is ultrasensitive. The Sensor pad can be used on mattresses up to 14cm deep.

Best money I have spent, saved my grandson's life! 5 stars Posted by Anonymous on 4th Jan 2012

I brought one for my grandson 2 & half years ago..saved he's life at 4 days old! ...He still uses it now as its easy to use..batt we change every 6 months, just to make sure tho prob go on longer...brought one for my grand daughter too..she is 6 months now and again giving that peace of mind and does it's job well. 



Respisense Ditto Breathing Effort Baby Monitor

The Respisense Ditto Breathing Effort Monitor is a baby monitor alarm which can be used anywhere your baby sleeps; including fixed or travel cots, car seats, baby seats or even the mother’s lap! The Respisense Ditto sounds its alarm if your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds or more.

Customer Review 5 stars Posted by Thomas on 29th Mar 2011

I'm going to use it to discover apneas with babys as well as more grown-up people, in order to test different techniques for rythmical breathing and hopefully be able to reduce/avoid breathing stops. It remains to be seen, but there are many ideas.




Are you expecting a child?


We have a fantastic range of prenatal pregnancy monitors here at Baby Monitors Direct. Often called Doppler’s, prenatal monitors is a fantastic way for the mother and partner to share the beautiful wonders of childbirth in the intimacy of their own home. Thanks to the clever technology of Doppler’s, they make it possible for the parents or for those who are using it to hear the beating of the baby’s heart in the womb; this is possible from a matter of weeks old! Offering parents reassurance and excitement about their un-born child, Doppler’s are a low cost and are medically approved.


 BabySonic Ultrasonic Personal Doppler

BabySonic Ultrasonic Personal Fetal Doppler

The high quality BabySonic Personal foetal Doppler has passed the most stringent tests required to be a certified medical device. The BabySonic has a fantastic large LCD screen that displays the baby’s heart rate and all other vital information. In addition there is also an earphone socket that can be connected to a computer or laptop for recording. 

Great Clear Sound Doppler 5 stars Posted by Anonymous on 9th Jul 2010

Very clear sound which avoided any panic at not finding the heartbeat. Easy to read instructions and easy to use design.





Summer Infant Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listening System

The Summer Prenatal Heart Listening System has a positioning belt which allows flexibility depending on the stage you are at in your pregnancy. The Heart Deluxe System is able to pick up the precious sounds of your unborn baby’s tiny heart and as the Summer Prenatal is supplied with two sets of headphones; both you and your partner are able to share this beautiful experience. There is also volume control and a lead for computer usage. 




 Ultrasound Fetal Doppler


Ultrasound Fetal Doppler LCD Screen CE Approved


The Ultrasound Fetal Doppler is CE certified and allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of your own home. The Doppler has a LCD display and also has an alarm function, so when the heartbeat is out of the normal range or the battery power is running low, the Doppler will alert you.







 When choosing your baby monitor please ensure that you consider the points below so that the monitor works correctly for you.


  1. Will the baby monitor be placed near microwaves, broadband or cordless phones?
  2. Please remember that baby monitor signals can be affected by thick walls in older properties
  3. Monitor signal and transmission range is based on ‘clear line of sight’ 
  4. Monitor images and clarity will be reduced when monitoring vertically
  5. Audio monitors will allow additional parent units but not baby units
  6. Additional video monitor cameras make multi-room monitoring much easier  
  7. Your child may require more than one type of monitor dependant on the health and your personal requirements