Geuther Co-Sleeping Bedside Cot Aladin (White)

Geuther Co-Sleeping Bedside Cot Aladin (White)

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Geuther Co-Sleeping Cot range is crafted using excellent materials resulting in high quality products. Parents sleeping next their baby have always deemed co-sleeping as highly beneficial especially during the early months. The Geuther Co-Sleeping Cot range allows for a safe environment to achieve this. This crib enables the parents to effortlessly feed, comfort or just keep the baby within view throughout the entire night. This will allow for a sense of security and well-being knowing the child is safe.

Co-Sleeping cots have been designed to prevent parents accidently rolling over during sleep onto their baby whilst ensuring close contact is maintained. The Aladin co-sleeping cot motivates you to engage in positive eye contact and comforts the baby by allowing it to feel close to you whilst removing the associated risks of bed sharing. These risks include overheating, suffocating and accidental squashing.

The Aladin co-sleeping cot is elegantly designed and is simple to fit into your bedroom. The rail can be easily adjusted vertically meaning the cot can be used as a full bed as the child matures and can sleep alone. Additionally it can also be used as a bench allowing the child to sit up and play.

  • 45 x 90 cm
  • Height Adjustable from 30-45 cm to fit most beds
  • Removable casters
  • Available in White or Natural Wood
  • Mattress included

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Manufacturer Geuther

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