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iBabyCare Air Smart Air Quality Monitor and Purifier

iBabyCare Air Smart Air Quality Monitor and Purifier

  • Detects harmful VOC elements for babies in the air such as Carbon Monxide, Methane, Alcohol and more
  • Detects temperature, humidity, and sound and sends smart alerts to your phone or tablet
  • Variety of light colors for entertainment or use as night or reading light controlled on free iOS and Android app
  • Two-way audio speakers to use as audio monitor, play music, or record your own voice to soothe your baby
  • Purifier automatically turns on to ensure that your baby is in the perfect surrounding environment
  • Wire-free and stress free installation in under 60 seconds

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The iBabyCare Air is a smart air quality monitor and ion purifier that will provide you with the exact confidence you need whilst your little one is sleeping. Equipped with only the highest quality air sensors, they will inform you about the air quality, temperature, and humidity within your baby’s room. The ion purifier automatically turns on when the air quality is low, allowing you to provide the perfect environment for your baby from new born and beyond. Focused on improving the air quality within your little ones’ room and within your home, the iBabyCare Air sends you helpful air hints and improvements that could be made within your home to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The iBabyCare Air is controlled by your smartphone or tablet via an easy to download app, available from the App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to be in complete control to track, watch and monitor elements within your baby’s room, also creating simple and effective charts to monitor any changes that are made over time. The built in smart alerts notify you in regards to VOC, temperature, humidity, sound and more ensuring that you can have the confidence you need throughout the early months and onwards.

The iBabyCare Air also lights up in a large selection of colours that fade in and out dependant on your preferred setting. With a whole range of colour choices, you can choose your baby’s favourite to soothe them when they sleep on play; In addition to this, lights also glow to reflect the air quality within the room. The iBaby Air features the simplest installation process to date, with no need for wires, installing hassle free in under 60 seconds – making your lives that much easier.

One of the features that sets iBabyCare Air apart from other monitors is the fact that it has an ion purifier. But it’s not just an ion purifier, it’s the smallest one on the market. It is small and light enough to accompany you on trips, and is compatible with different electricity currents.

Doubling up as an audio monitor, the iBabyCare Air features two-way communication allowing you to soothe your baby from anywhere within your home or whilst you are out and about. You can connect to iTunes, Spotify and more to play music to your little one to provide them with the perfect night sleep, every night.

  • • Purifier turns on automatically when air quality is low
  • • Get alerts on VOC, temperature, humidity, sound, and more
  • • iBaby Air sends you healthy tips on lifestyle improvements
  • • Set alarms, pick light colours and favourite alarm tones
  • • Lights fade in and out smoothly per your settings
  • • Play music from the app and add your favourite tracks
  • • Connect with your friends, share, comment and like
  • • Two-way audio speakers allow you to soothe and monitor your baby
  • • Connect your Air to iTunes, Spotify to play music to your baby
  • • Wire-free installation in under 60 seconds
  • • Free iOS and Android app download

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