Medically Certified Baby Breathing Monitors

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These medically certified baby breathing monitors have been designed to give you the extra reassurance that your little one is getting a safe night’s sleep. We offer a selection of products from brands including Nanny and BabySense, all clinically tested to ensure you are provided with a trusted device.

These baby breathing monitors have been created to give parents complete peace of mind, they offer a vital measure of protection, which, when combined with safe sleeping precautions provides safety and that extra level of care. Offering additional support to your baby monitor or video monitor, with these breathing monitors you can be rest assured your little one will sleep safe and sound.

Here at BabyMonitorsDirect, we understand the importance of selecting the right products and how significant every day with your little one truly is. Our team are here to offer support and advice throughout your entire order journey with us, ensuring you pick the best breathing monitors for your baby.