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Samsung SEW-3043 Video Baby Monitor

Samsung SEW-3043 Video Baby Monitor

SKU: bsr5867
  • 5" Digital LCD Full touch screen
  • Full HD quality pan tilt & zoom camera
  • Two way communication with built in speaker and microphone for HD audio
  • Invisible Infra-Red LED night vision & remote control night light
  • 4 Pre-programmed lullabies , feed time alerts and battery & signal alerts
  • Add up to 4 cameras visible up to 900ft away

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The Samsung 3043 Bright View Video Baby Monitor is the first full touch screen baby video baby monitor for easy simplistic monitoring with greater control and ease of use. The SEW-3043 comes in two parts, the 5 inch LCD touch screen monitor display unit, and the HD ready remote pan tilt & zoom camera.

The 5" full touch control screen dominates the monitor unit removing the need for fiddly buttons to control the settings such as brightness, volume and much more. The interactive menu also allows you to add new cameras (up to 4 in total) control the pan tilt and zoom camera as well as the VOX sensitivity and two way talk.

The parent unit houses a compact fully rechargeable battery, this means the monitor can be used around the house without the need for it to be plugged in, the screen has a high resolution display both during the day and during the night when the camera is monitoring using its infra-red night vision. The monitor also has a unique audio feature that allows it to save battery by turning the a screen of and only monitoring the sound, this differs from Voice activation as when a noise is detected it will display the screen, unlike the voice activation setting within the 3043 which will.

The camera provides you with 1280 x 720P HD resolution for crystal clear viewing on the large screen monitor, the camera has both a built in speak and microphone to enable you to hear your baby clearly as well as allowing you to talk back through the monitor. The talk back feature is easy to control through the monitor and plays through your cameras speaker, the speaker also allows for the 4 per-programmed lullabies to be played to your baby.

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Manufacturer Samsung

Customer Reviews (7)

Customer ReviewReview by ashley
Very easy to use, work straight out of the box, fantastic battery life after 6 hours with full picture and sound i still have over half better remaining, Great colour day time quality, black and white night vision is better than others i have tried but could still be a little clearer. Night light is very dull not really worth having but didn't need that anyway. good large screen

Range is ok but i live in a big bungalow and it only just reached on side to the other if door are closed

Only thing i think this monitor would benefit from would be optional wifi to extend its range and a better night light

Over all very happy with it (Posted on 03/12/2017)
Well made productReview by James
Very easy to set up and use. Has a good wireless range and the picture quality is decent. It does have a few features such as a microphone, music play etc., which could be potentially useful but I don't usually need those as it's meant to just sit and keep an eye on my little one. Overall, a well-designed product. (Posted on 09/11/2017)
Easy to use, huge screen.Review by char8891
I'm really impressed with my purchase of the monitor, the touch screen is very simple to use and even my mum can use it! Very quick to learn as the functions are easy to use and displayed in the settings screen.

One of the cool functions I found was that you can add additional cameras on to the monitor, so its a great investment if you were to extend your family, you simply just buy separate cameras.

The screen is very large and clear, great for checking up on baby. I found the night vision not as clear as it could be considering it is a high res screen.

Love the fact its wireless and can be carried around where ever you go, although I have found its turned on in my pocket as the screen was accidentally touched and managed to move the view of the camera.

I found the battery to last a good amount of time before needing to be charged. The range is also good, and never had any problems with that.

The monitor has a function where you can play lullabies to your child, which is great as some toys with music always need turning back on, so instead I can just press a button on the monitor! Also you can talk to baby through the microphone button.

The sound is clear on the monitor and can pick up small noises and alerts you either by turning the screen on, or the lights flash on.

I think the monitor is so simple to use and a huge screen which is a bonus. It's great you can check on baby when ever needed without disturbing them. Would recommend. (Posted on 06/11/2017)
Good size screen and great quality pictureReview by Mariab-rixson
The screen seemed far too big when it arrived however this is now the feature I love the most. Firstly because it can be left on the side and viewed from across the room if you are busy, I also liked the fact people with larger hands can use the touch controls much easier than my old smaller monitor with buttons. The remote tilt/zoom function is great as you can view a much wider area. I can use this for my toddler too whilst he's playing in the play room moving about. I would also say the night camera is very clear, as some other monitors I have tried seem to loose their picture quality when it's dark. I have lots of walls in my house and my only worry was the wireless quality would be effected, however this is never a problem even when I tried it outside the front of the house. Highly recommended. (Posted on 06/11/2017)
Customer ReviewReview by David
Picture quality and range is very good. (Posted on 30/10/2017)
Customer ReviewReview by Stuart Dawson
Seems to work well with a good picture, I like the fact it's touch screen and easy to use. From my research it offered the best value for money in terms of quality / functionality. (Posted on 14/10/2017)
Customer ReviewReview by Kaedyn Sheikh
Very satisfied easy to work (Posted on 10/10/2016)

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