Kinderkraft 4Smart Educational Playmat



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  • The mat is designed for the youngest children who do not yet recognise colours and see mainly contrasts. For this reason, the main colours of the mat are intense: black, white, red and yellow accents. It has 4 zones, developing:
  • The zone for the development of sight: it consists of contrasting colours - black, white and red with yellow accents. It has colourful ribbons that attract the child's attention and make it easier to distinguish between colours.
  • The zone for the development of hearing: it has rustling and sinking elements that tame the child with different sounds. The child can crumple and touch them freely.
  • The zone for the development of tactile sensation: there are protruding elements with different textures, which stimulate the sense of touch and enable the child to learn new textures and shapes.
  • The zone helps the toddler to exercise concentration: the mat has a special place to insert contrasting cards and a mirror. These elements focus the child's attention and teach them to focus on a specific activity.
  • The set includes many toys that stimulate the senses: 12 contrast cards, a hanging mirror, a hanging rattle ball, a hanging rustling toy, a sensory ball, a plush toy, coloured ribbons and sinking balls and a mirror that can be placed behind the foil.
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