Nanny BM-03 Medically Certified Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor



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  • Medically certified and also suitable for monitoring premature babies weighing from 1 kg and up, providing reliable breathing monitoring and peace of mind.
  • Only monitor on the market that alerts you if you have placed the baby on the mat but forgotten to turn on the monitor, ensuring 24/7 monitoring even when the baby is not in the crib.
  • Integrated temperature sensor helps prevent overheating, a risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), by flashing lights to indicate temperature deviations, allowing you to adjust the room temperature accordingly.
  • Integrated night light that illuminates the front panel for quick visual checks on the baby without disturbing their sleep. The light adjusts its intensity based on the surrounding environment, promoting undisturbed sleep for both baby and parent.
  • Allows for the attachment of a second pad, extending the detection area in the crib. This feature is particularly useful as your baby grows and starts to move, providing comprehensive monitoring for enhanced safety.
  • Additional features including baby placement/removal detection, temperature monitoring, night light, and the ability to connect two pads to a single monitoring unit, ensuring a versatile and reliable monitoring experience for parents.
Nanny BM-03 Medically Certified Baby Sensor Breathing Monitor
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