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VisionNova 8 Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi Connect

VisionNova 8 Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi Connect

  • Video baby monitor with large 4.5” touch screen display
  • The only premium baby monitor with a portable baby unit
  • HD crystal clear video image with pan, tilt and digital zoom
  • 2-way communication with your baby via your parent unit
  • Internet ready viewing system on smartphone and tablet
  • Expandable system - connect up to 4 cameras in total

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The VisionNOVA 8 is an innovative Video Baby Monitor with touch screen functionalities for advanced monitoring combined with greater control and ease of use. The VisionNOVA 8 uses Wi-Fi to ensure a stronger connection between camera and monitor, and introduces many unique features. With an operation range of up to 150m and an out of range and low battery alert, you can ensure your VisionNOVA8 is suited to you and your family. Internal hi-tech processors are combined with zero interference to ensure 100% privacy and perfection regarding the safety provided to your little one.

The large touch screen 4.5” display creates a sleek profile, similar to that of a smartphone, removing the need for fiddly buttons to control various settings, such as brightness, volume and more. The interactive menu allows you to control the HD quality pan, tilt, and non-deterioration digital zoom as well as the VOX sensitivity, photo and video recording for up to 70 hours and two-way talk. This Video Baby Monitor will allow you to effortlessly navigate through the features in the icon menu, allowing you to select one of this monitor’s many features and customise it specifically for your family’s needs.

The VisionNOVA 8 also allows you to watch your little one on your smartphone and tablet. Through the simple download of the NOVA8 app, you can control your camera and view your little one from wherever you are, as long as you have internet connectivity. Supported on both Android and iPhone devices, this will offer you versatility where you need it most.

The parent unit houses a compact and fully rechargeable battery of 1800mAH, which means the handset can be used around your home for up to 10 hours, without the need for it to be plugged in. The screen features a high-resolution display throughout the day and the night; your child can be monitored throughout the night using the invisible infra-red night vision. The handset also includes a unique audio feature that allows it to save battery by turning the screen off and only monitoring the sound; this differs from voice activation (VOX) as when a noise is detected it will display the screen.

The camera comes with a unique night light projector, in order to prevent your child’s attention being drawn to the camera. When NOVA’s night light projector is activated it automatically turns off the power indicator, providing the soothing projector to relax and calm your little one throughout the night.

In addition to this, the camera provides you with 1280 x 720HD resolution for crystal clear viewing on the large screen. It has an integrated speaker and microphone enabling you to hear your baby clearly and to talk back through the handset. The talk-back feature is easy to control, similarly to the cameras speaker that will allow you to play the 3 pre-programmed lullabies and 3 soothing nature sounds to your baby. The camera includes a battery which can be charged making the VisionNOVA 8 the only premium Video Baby Monitor with fully portable Baby Unit.

The VisionNOVA 8 also responds positively within the event of a power cut, the automated recording by an external SD card (not included) is activated and powered by the 1100mAH back-up battery inside the camera.

This is an expandable system, meaning you can continue to grow your VisionNOVA 8 by adding up to 4 cameras in total. Adding multiple cameras will allow you to watch in quad-view or customise your viewing to an auto-rotation mode.



  • Video Baby Monitor with high precision touch panel
  • Local and internet ready viewing system on smartphone and tablet
  • HD crystal clear image on large 4.5” touch screen
  • Pan, tilt and non-deterioration digital zoom
  • Photo and video recording for up to 70 hours
  • Ultra-sensitive microphone to detect every noise from your baby
  • 2-way communication via handset and smartphone
  • Operation range of up to 150m
  • Out of range and low battery warning alerts
  • Eco mode operation – up to 10 hours battery life
  • Battery level display for both units
  • Pre-programmed lullabies to calm and soothe your baby

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Customer ReviewReview by david screen
Good product. Seems well manufactured. Not for my use bought as a present for our daughter. Tested it at home before I passed it on. Only thing I couldn't manage was it working on my android phone. I think it may have been me but I will contact tech support if I don't managed it on their phones. (Posted on 05/12/2017)

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