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Advice On Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors allow you to listen, see or monitor your baby's movements or breathing. There are three main types of Baby Monitors:

Audio only - Analogue or Digital Baby Monitors

Video Audio and Visual - See and hear on your TV or dedicated monitor

Movement and Breathing - Sensor pads monitors movement and breathing monitors.  There is also a new type of Baby Monitor called Respisense that can be use anywhere your baby sleeps

Features to look for:
- Choice/Number of channels to reduce interference and improve reception
- Screen size if it is a Baby Video Monitor
- Out of range alarm
- Talk back facility
- Reception distance
- Batteries or mains operated
- Moving lights displays
-  Night light
- Clips or stands
- Overall design
- Volume control

Types of Baby Monitors

Audio Baby Monitors

Audio Baby Monitors allow you to listen to your baby from another room.  Analogue baby monitors can suffer from interference and variable sound quality.
Digital Baby Monitors offer more channels and a clearer sound. Some manufacturers guarantee no interference and total privacy

Breathing Baby Monitors
A Breathing Baby Monitor (or apnoea alarm) will sound an alarm if your baby stops breathing. Often they include an audio baby monitor.

Video Baby Monitors

Audio and Visual Baby Monitors allow you to SEE and HEAR your baby. A portable camera (often with night vision) will wirelessly transmit video pictures and audio to your TV or dedicated monitor.
You can also connect some Video Baby Monitors  up to your DVD recorder or PC for recordings of your baby
Look out for new Digital Video Baby Monitors due in the UK from Spring 2008

Cot Death

Cot Death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
If you are concerned about the risk of cot death, the following actions can reduce the risk:

- Ensure babies sleep on their backs
- Control room temperature and do not let the baby get too hot.
- the Nursery room should be around 18 degrees centigrade
- if the baby is unwell, seek medical advice promptly
- avoid exposure to tobacco smoke (also during pregnancy)
- if possible let baby sleep in the same room as you for the first six months
- use natural fibre sheets or blankets
- Humidifiers or Air Purifiers make it easier to control moisture and room temperature
- do not use duvets or pillows for babies under one year

Monitors From Overeas

My friend in America has offered to send me  Summer Infant 7" Monitor, will it work in the UK?  Baby Monitors Direct would not recommend this for many reasons. Firstly the monitor will be Analogue therefore prone to Interference. The power sounce may by 110-120 Volts but we use 220 Volts in the UK. The picture qulaity will be affected by differences in the cycles. You are better off getting a Digital Video monitor in the UK 

Setting Up A New Monitor

How easy is it to set up my wireless video baby monitor?
Simple - just plug both the camera and receiver in at the mains and the camera will immediately start transmitting live video and sound. Where you have a battery operated monitor as well you simply insert the batteries and turn both units on!

Which Monitor Is Best For Me?

Should I choose a video monitor or an audio monitor?
Obviously, the choice is yours depending on your preference. Video baby monitors enable you to see and hear your baby.  The analogue audio monitors are usually based on conventional megahertz transmission frequencies and therefore may be subject to greater interference. The latest Philips DECT digital audio monitors uses DECT digital technology which guarantees zero interference from other wireless appliances and provides a clear signal between the monitor and the audio receiver and ensures total privacy when you use the system talk-back facility.

New Digital Video baby Monitors will combine the benefits of Audio and Video with clearer sound

Technical Information

What is wireless video technology?
Instead of transmitting signals through cables and wiring, wireless technology uses powerful radio signals to transmit video pictures and audio. The key to this breakthrough technology is the use of the new 2.4 GHz (gigahertz) analogue transmission signal. The frequency has such a broader signal therefore  much more video information can be transmitted resulting in clearer, crisper pictures, reduced signal interference and use of multiple channels.

How far away can I use it?
Video Baby monitors now transmit up to 100 metres in clear line of sight although this is reduced by obstructions, in and around the house. The 2.4 GHz (gigahertz) wireless signal that the video monitors use provides one of the strongest and clearest signals available

The Philips Tomy and some Tommee Tippee audio baby monitors transmit between 250m (Family Monitor) and 300m (DECT digital monitor) line of sight.
The longest range Audio baby Monitor available is the Doro BM35 with up to 3 Km range and will penetrate even hotel walls

It is wireless but there are cables included. Why?
Wireless is an electronics term referring to the method of information transfer. It has nothing to do with how the device receives power (electrical outlet, solar cells, batteries, etc.). The infrared signals sent from your remote to change the channel or increase the volume on your TV are a form of wireless communication. Wireless simply means the information is not sent through fixed cable or wires.

What are the power options?
All monitors come with a DC adapter that plugs into a regular AC wall outlet for power. This setup lets you plug the camera into an outlet up to 12 feet away from where it is installed, although you can use an extension cord to give you more room to work with. The wireless video receiver uses the same configuration.

Can I Take The Video Camera Outside?
Some video cameras are slightly weatherproof and will operate in and around the house subject to the range limitations (usually 25 metres through obstructions and 100m line of sight). The Doro Philips and Tomy monitors will perform much better with range of 300m -3,000m

Will the Video Camera See in the Dark?
Most of the video monitors have black and white infra-red night vision lenses so you can watch baby sleeping.

Can I Have More Than One Camera?
Yes, depending on the make and model. NScessity, Tranwo, Gospell and Palmview have additional camera units that can link up to the baby monitor.

How do I make baby videos?
With most models we sell, a lead is provided to connect the monitor to your recorder enabling you to video your baby. It's that simple!

Please remember that your Baby Monitor is not a medical device. Never rely on it for your baby's safety and wellbeing. You should personally check your baby as frequently as necessary.

*Free delivery applies to UK orders (surcharges may apply for outlying regions).